After weeks and weeks without taking a shower without sleeping and without one single thought of sex, after weeks and weeks on the net searching for Fat Wreck stuff i believed it was time to take a pill and go to psychatrist...
The following long or short (i really cannot tell anymore, i've just written and seen texts for the last month and they all were long...) explains a few things about this site and it'd be very very useful to read it in order to save time, money and nerves. So have a go!
hey ho folks! In this weird times of war and all i've been a fucking bit lazy, rite? well here's a little update. for up to date fat info go to the official website. also check out nofx's new album as well as the mad caddies' new lp, both kick ass. and if you want some motherfucking good sounds: THE LAWRENCE ARMS!!! "new" on fat too! Also the gimme gimmes are back! see ya.
added recently:
none more black - new fat band, check em out!
gimme gimmes - take a break!
good riddance - Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection
the ataris lyrics
nofx - the war on errorism
the lawrence arms - apathy & exhaustion
the lawrence arms - present day memories
the lawrence arms - ghost stories
the lawrence arms - s/t
lagwagon - blaze

[ My Fat Top 3   ]

0.25. The better way of viewing
      uhm, that means that i designed this site for IE-users, cuz normally everyone's got that right from the start
        and all... You can, of course, surf through the site with Netscape or anything else as well. There's no errors
        or dead links or so. But with IE it's a whole lotta more fun with cool java features. No, i'm not getting paid for
        saying this.

0.5. Why does this look so shitty?
        Well, perhaps you should maximise your window???
        And if it all sooooo big or still looking messy, your resolution's wrong, sorry.

1. Why you should go here and not to
        of course you can and/or should go to Fat, because its up to date and stuff. But here you get
        more info, background info: Here you can get the lyrics, bio, disco, links, sounds and special stuff of
        EVERY Fat Wreck band. Fat Wreck offers some info, but not that much, so here you get the compact
        thing! You can also get some info on other cool record labels/bands and their relation to Fat, yes i know,
        Fat  Wreck links to other labels as well... but here you dont get the "official fucker records site", but just the
        coolest of it. Save your time!

2. Isn´t this just a copy of the official page?
        NO! I didn´t copy anything from except for the (wreck)chords (okay, and the links... [and the
        MP3s as well...])! Everything here is from sites doesn't link to (with some bands this wasn't

3. How to get into the Fan Gallery?
        You only have to like a few bands signed to Fat Wreck. If so, email me with some questions
       youhave to answer and thats it.

4. Why did you do this?
        Cause ive got a lotta time in my hands!! No, i just noticed that the Fat bands are really cool and i like most
        of them, so i thought, why not making a site about the guys? There are other labels that are good, too, like
        Go Kart or AT or  Nitro/Kung-Fu, Look Out, etc., but Fat´s the best!
        Oh yeah, and i met Fat Mike...

5. Who are you?
        thats really not your business... but get a lilly piece of info.


My Fat Top 3

Top 3 Bands Top 3 WreckChords
1. NOFX 1. Apathy and Exhaustion
2. Lawrence Arms 2. Take A Break
3. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes 3. Short Music for Short People

What's your's?