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So You Are a Fat Fan? 
that's cool! If you wanna get listed here, just email me the following questions (with answers of course!!!) and, if possible, a pic of ya. You can also add a personal comment. If your face and answers satisfy me, you`ll be listed in the gallery (the thing you came from, sucka!), which means, every asshole kickin his ass to this crappy site will be able to email you and stuff. Also, when having a website, link to me!! Why? Man, i DO link to you! You can also have a nice banner for your site, just lemme know, right? Now have a nice answering-time! Oh yeah... i know with forms this would be cooler, but my server doesnt think so.

What's your...
...fav fat band?
...fav fat record?
...fav web site?
George W Bush is...
Who would you like to shoot (only in front of your inner eye, "of course"!)?
What do you pledge allegiance to?
Another cool label?
...own website?
want the banner?