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Alright, i really don't know much about the Fat Staff and hope that will change someday. But for now you only get this:

[if you're missing, i'd love to list you here, just email me!]

'Fat' Mike Burkett
   owner, bassist of NOFX and the 
   Gimme Gimmes; "Mr Double Chin",
   somehow he's pretty much into 
   drinks consisting more or less of 
   pure alcohol. Still he's a nice guy i

Erin Burkett
   she's Mike's wife for years now 
   what makes her vice Fat president.
   She's pretty much into Pink & 
   Black, too.

   beliving some websites, he was working at Fat, but then he opened his mouth and
   started singing and one guy that wasn't already drunk by lunchtime at the Fat office
   detected this unbeliveable voice and so he became singer of the Gimme Gimmes or so...
   He also plays bass for the Swinging Utters.

Ryan Greene
    the guy taht seems to produce everything on Fat Weck, check out a list of his work. You
    can also email him! (no junk mailz plz!)

    well you know Floyd, don't you??!?!!!!!?!?!

Mark Tamo
    He is VP, in/was in Enemy You (they're on Lookout!), and is the guy in charge of Honest
    Don's Records. Thats why on most thanx on liner notes, Mark is right after Mike and Erin,
    what makes him something like a vice vice president (or so...).

Brian Archer
    Winston Smith, the 2nd (in my opinion). He's doing most of the artwork used for Fat
    WreckChords' booklets like The Decline, for example. He is a cool ass guy...

Jason Hall
    He does the radio promotion and other publicity. He brought the Gimme Gimmes' Wild
    World on the radio, man!

Eric Eberly
    He does all the distribution for record stores and shit, so some kinda promo as well.
    think of him when seeing ad for a Fat WreckChord in your music store next time, okay?

    She's kinda the secretary, and was in charge of the street team, but not anymore... she
    could be something cooler now.

    He is from Washington originally, and used to work in mailorder. But he now is in
    charge of the street teamers and is funny as fuck.

    Used to be in Enemy You, lost all his money and now has to work in the mailorder w/
    Floyd. Poor guy...

    He is the A/R guy. What's this? The one that goes out and finds bands that he thinks
    should be on Fat. Its a cool job, but once you get a shitty band accidently, you kinda
    had that job. But, hey think of Propagandhi; think of Rise Against; think of Zero Down;
    think of Tom!

    She does the overall booking & is kinda the one that promotes all the bands to the
    venues. The tour manager, somehow... 

if you're missing, i'd love to list you here, just email me!
if you're listed here, but not correctly, email me as well.
if you don't want to be listed here, guess what? Email me.