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I'm sick of that kick ass shit. I gotta pee. Dammit.

Other Record Labels that Kick Ass
Alternative Tentacles with artist like Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., NoMeansNo, Lard, Tribe, Noam Chomsky, The Gimme Gimmes, Winston Smith and others now that it's re-designed, 
it's really cool!
Go Kart Records with artists like Lunachicks, Boris the Sprinkler, Anti-Flag, Toilet Boys and others always the same, but still fun to look at, just weird...
Nitro Records with artists like The Vandals, AFI, Son of Sam, Guttermouth, Jugheads Revenge, The Gimme Gimmes, Ensign, One Hit Wonder, TSOL and others cool new design, nice features, even though it seem it's a Son of Sam label
G7 Welcoming Committee Propagandhi's own label, with artists like The Weakerthans, Randy, Consolidated, But Alive, I Spy, and others small, unknown and cool
Kung Fu Records with bands like Blink 182, the Vandals and others that just don't seem to come to my mind... well, Vandals style...
A-F Records Anti-Flag's  record label. No more words to waste about it. just like Anti-Flag's site, really cool...........
Pink & Black Records sister label of our oh so adored Fat Wreck, girl power in its original meaning, kicks ass Fat, just Fat.
add yours!


Stores That Kick Ass

Angry, Young and Poor nice, small, cheap, cool stuff!
AT Store not just bands' tees, but also great stuff by Winston Smith to shock your parents!!
add yours! [that's free ad, man!]


Other Sites That Kick Ass

Punkbands.com need i say more? i don't think so...
Got Punk? cool site with a load of info!
Punk Hardcore offers thosands of guitar and bass tabs and also the know how, check it out!
Propagandhi.ca it's really just cool, when you're through that site, you'll feel like you knew that band for years!
NOFX.org that design is simply incredible!
Ryan Greene get in touch with Fat's own producer (or so it seems)!
My Pages some small sites i did as sort of practise before i started this one...
Fuck Off.com some cool URL names, just fun.
add yours!


Other Bands that Kick Ass [i don't give a fuck about your opinion...]

The Offspring
Green Day
Dead Kennedys
The Vandals
System Of A Down
Blink 182
Papa Roach
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